Just getting started at this and trying to work out potential tunes:

Here's some of what's on the table:

4/4 Marches    
  The Irish Guards Welcome to Toronto March
  Lord Lovat's Lament March
  Lord Lovat's Seconds March
  Cabar Feidh March
6/8 Marches    
  Angus McKinnon March
  Dr Ross  
3/4 Retreats    
  Lochanside Retreat
  Flower of Scotland Waltz
4/4 Marches    
  Scotland the Brave March
  We're No Awa' March
  Cockney Jocks March
D MacLeod Set    
  Flett from Flotta March
  Battle of Waterloo March
  Wee Highland Laddie March
Jig Medley



  The Duck Jig
  The Hen's March Jig
  Rocking the Baby Jig
Grade V Quick March Medley

  51st Highland Division
  Royal Ulster Constabulary
  Far O'er the Sea
  Flett from Flotta
Grade IV MAP March Set   Marches
  Corriecholie's Welcome to the 43rd Northern Meeting march
  Men of Argyll march
  Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle march
  The Highland Lassie Going to the Fair March
  Hearken My Love Aire
  O'er the Bows to Ballindaloch Strathspey
  The Market Place of Inverness Strathspey
  The Fair Maid of Oban Reel
  MacArthur Road Reel
Air Fireside
6/8 Set Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre March
  Farewell to the Creeks March
  Bonnie Dundee March
4/4s #1    
  Minstrel Boy March
  Scotland the Brave March
  Rowan Tree March
  Gardens of Skye March
4/4s #2    
  Jimmy Findlater March
  Battle of Waterloo March
  Flett From Flotta March
  Green Hills of Tyrol retreat
  When the Battle's O'er retreat
Others Cabar Feidh march
  The Killworth Hills (firsts) retreat
  The Killworth Hills (seconds) retreat
  Torosay Castle retreat
  Torosay Castle (seconds) retreat
Massed Band Tunes
EUSPBA Massed Band Standards
  PPBSO Massed Band Standards  
  MWPBA Massed Band Standards  
  Girl from Dungannon air
  For Ireland, I'll not... air
  The Haunting  
  Minuette (Clark)  
  Steam Train to Mallaig  
  Lion Sleeps Tonight  
  We Will Rock You  
  Steam Train to Mallaig 1sts  
  Steam Train to Mallaig 2nds  
  Steam Train to Mallaig 3rds  
  The Pumpkin's Fancy hornpipe
  The Train Journey North  
  Royal Scots Polka  
Calypso Hornpipes   Jammin' Set
  The Carnival Reel hornpipe
  The Calypso Piper hornpipe
  Jill's Endeavor hornpipe
  The Tourist hornpipe
  The Pumpkin's Fancy hornpipe
  The Blue Cloud jig
Jig Medley



  The Duck Jig
  The Hen's March Jig
  Rocking the Baby Jig
  The Gold Ring jig
  Kilt Rock jig
  Paddy Be Easy jig
  Nelson Mandela's Welcome jig
  The Curlew jig
  Old Wife of the Mill
  The Blue Cloud jig
  Ramparts of Glencoe Jig
  Resolis Jig
  Klezmer Surprize Jig
  Wellington Police 12/8
  Pikeman's March 4/4
  Maggie Cameron strathspey
  Kirstie MacCallmans's Favourite strathspey
  B52 hornpipe
  A.A. Cameron strathspey
  Craig-A-Bodich strathspey
  Heilan Whiskey strathspey
  The Iron Man strathspey
  P/M Sandy Gordon strathspey
  Stumpie strathspey
Reels Kelsey's Wee Reel reel
  The Ness Pipers reel
  Arlies Big Day reel
  Winnipeg Forger Hornpipe 
  The Walrus Hornpipe 
  The Panda Jig
  Boys of the Lough Jig
  Donald Ross of Vancouver Slow
  Firth of Forth strathspey
  John Burgess 6/8
  Leaving Port Askaig 6/8
  BruceGandy's Farewell to the Iron Horse 6/8
  Trees of North Uist 6/8
  Duncan McGillivray, Chief Steward 6/8
  Glen Caladh Castle march
  Elspeth Campbell march
  Leaving GlenUrquart march
  Conundrum march
  The Clan MacRae Society march
  Willie Angus MacDonald of Melness march
  Struan Robertson strathspey
  Shepherds Crook strathspey
  Alec C. McGregor reel
  Major David Manson reel
  Kalabakan reel
  Lachlan McPhaill reel

The Recruits
  Bloody Fields of Flanders  
  The Killworth Hills (firsts) retreat
  The Killworth Hills (seconds) retreat
  Torosay Castle retreat
  Torosay Castle (seconds) retreat
Bold Marches    
  Up to the Line 12/8
  March of the Champion Supreme